Sunday, August 17, 2008

Testing SIAPv9.2 80816-80817

Today, 16/8/08 I cooked ginger chicken using SIAPv9.2, and cooked rice using SIAPv6.1.

A whole piece of chicken thigh with the drumstick was mixed with ginger, little red onion, cooking wine and a pinch of salt. The whole mix was put inside the black solar-cooking pot and placed. The pot was covered with a glass greenhouse enclosure. Meanwhile, a 1.5 cup of rice was washed and put inside another blacken pot. This pot is also covered with a glass greenhouse enclosure.

Starting at 10:15am, the the solar cookers were setup and put in place for cooking. By 1:25, which was 3 hours later, the food inside the cookers were inspected. It was found that the chicken was over cooked! It was a bit too soft. Whereas the rice, it rice was rightly cooked.

I called up Solarist, Mr CM Tan. He comeby our place and we feasted
on a Solar-meal. After the solar feast, the sun was still bright. I therefore decided to cook something for the high tea this afternoon. I washed 1.5 cup of barley and put
it into SIAPv9.2 with submerged it in water. SIAPv9.2 was again put in place to cook at about 2:00pm. By then, the sun already swung through the top. SIAPv9.2 was repositioned to face the sun. It was somewhere in the region of 20-30deg towards the west. The barley was left to cook through 4:00pm. In between SIAPv9.2 was readjusted once to track the west bound sun. When the pot was finally opened at 4:00pm, the barley inside was well cooked. It was quite dry as there was little water to start with. Hot water and sugar was added to the barley and it was enough to served to 6 persons.

Solarist CM Tan was again invited to sample the barley. He commented that the barley tasted better than when it was cooked over a gas stove. The texture is different and it felt good to biting. It was tendon, yet chewy. If the weather permits, I shall try to try to cook something more challenging tomorrow. Perhaps I will cook lamb or mutton in spice.

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