Monday, August 25, 2008

Baking Buttercakes with SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4 80824

The whether was gloomy this morning with much cloud in the sky. There was even a light shower at around noon. It was therefore a bad weather for cooking using solar cookers.

The sky turned clear in the afternoon. I thus decided to give it a shot, ie to cook using the newly completed SIAPv9.4. I prepared the butter cake mixture, which consisted of 500gm of butter cake premix, a loaf of butter and 6 eggs. The mixture was divided into two equal portions, to be cooked using SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4.

Starting at 1:45pm, SIAPv9.2 and SIAP9.4 were put in place and start to cook. Both SIAPv9.2 and SIAP9.4 were adjusted once to track the afternoon sun. The weather was less than perfect for solar cooking, as there were too much overcast.

By 4:30pm, both SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4 were inspected to determine the states of the butter cake inside. It was to the great surprise of many that both cakes were cooked very well! Mr Kho, Teresa and Melissa were among the several who witnessed and sampled the cooking.

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