Sunday, August 24, 2008


SIAPv9.3 was a flop! The tinsmith who undertook to fabricate the metal sheets did not follow the measurements, which I have provided to him. Instead, he took short cuts and simplified the design. Thus, SAIPv9.3 was never completely built.

On Friday 22/8/08 evening, starting at 9:30pm, Solarist CM Tan and I spent more than 2 hours to assemble SIAPv9.3. By 11:30, when all the panels were put together, SIAPv9.3 did not resemble something familiar. We suspected that we have made mistakes in the building of SIAPv9.3. We have to call it a day when it got too late in the evening and decided to continue the next day.

On Saturday 23/8/08 afternoon, starting at 3:00pm, Solarist Tan and I dismantled SIAPv9.3 and try to re-build it. By 6:30pm, we still could not get it into the expected shape and we started to suspect the craftsman ship of the tinsmith. When we compared the individual metal panel with my sample, we confirmed that the metal panels were not produced in accordance to my sample! Nevertheless, much time was wasted with futile outcomes.

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