Thursday, September 7, 2017

Visited Solarserve at Danang, Vietnam on 4Sept17

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drying Ginger Slices with SIAPV9.4- 13April14

Ginger has been a widely used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Of late, Ginger is highly recommended by the "Original Point 原始点" school of Chinese Medicine, as the remedies for medical conditions. It is said that ginger soup as a drink, is as good as Ginseng (人参) soup in providing heat to the patients. Ginger promotes blood circulation and thus cure sickness. Ginger soup may be prepared by boiling fresh Ginger in plan-water. However, Ginger must be dried if it shall be kept for later use. Traditionally, Ginger is cut into slices and sun-baked to dry. Modem technique for drying Ginger include deploying electrical dehydrators. Today, this is where traditional practice meets modem technology in a green-way- drying Ginger slices using a Solar-cooker!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Honey Butter Cake Using SIAPv9.3 80914

I repeated the experiment that I did yesterday ie to bake Honey Butter cakes using SIAPv9.3 and SIAPv9.1. Smaller portion of the cake mix was used in the baking today and it was started earlier at 11:30am. By 1:30pm, the cake was inspected and found to be cooked well.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bamboo Chicken on SIAPv6.0 and Honey Butter Cake on SIAPv9.x 80913

Today I tried to cook a traditional Badayuh dish, bamboo chicken using SIAPv6.0. A piece of approximately 1M long bamboo, with diameter about 70mm is filled with the cooking material. The cooking material consisted of 1/2KG of deborned chicken thigh meat, onion, garlic and ginger. The aperture of the bamboo tube is stuff with tapioca leaves and covered with a piece of kitchen aluminium foil and fastened with rubber bands.

SIAPv6.0 was used due to its advantage of tubular heat radiation pattern. The heat radiation pattern of SIAPv6.0 is tubular and is therefore best for cooking using a tubular cooking utensil, such as a piece of bamboo.

The whether was sunny and the cooking was started at 10:00 am. By 2:00pm, the bamboo was opened and the food was inspected. It was found that the chicken was almost cooked. It was soft but certain parts remain reddish. It is soft and smell fresh with the smell of bamboo and tapioca leaves.

To day I also tried to bake two Honey Butter Cakes using SIAPv9.1 and SIAPv9.3. The honey butter cakes consist 500GM of cake mix, butter, eggs and skimmed milk. The portion was large and it completely filled the two cooking ports.

The cooking started at 1:00pm and by 4:00pm, the cakes were cooked, though a bit soft. It was tasty and yammy

I am glad to receive two friends today. They are Hubert and Ron. Ron is from Sinagapore who happened to be here on a social visit trip. Humbert was showing Ron around and stopped over at my place to witness my solar cooking.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baking Buttercakes with SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4 80824

The whether was gloomy this morning with much cloud in the sky. There was even a light shower at around noon. It was therefore a bad weather for cooking using solar cookers.

The sky turned clear in the afternoon. I thus decided to give it a shot, ie to cook using the newly completed SIAPv9.4. I prepared the butter cake mixture, which consisted of 500gm of butter cake premix, a loaf of butter and 6 eggs. The mixture was divided into two equal portions, to be cooked using SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4.

Starting at 1:45pm, SIAPv9.2 and SIAP9.4 were put in place and start to cook. Both SIAPv9.2 and SIAP9.4 were adjusted once to track the afternoon sun. The weather was less than perfect for solar cooking, as there were too much overcast.

By 4:30pm, both SIAPv9.2 and SIAPv9.4 were inspected to determine the states of the butter cake inside. It was to the great surprise of many that both cakes were cooked very well! Mr Kho, Teresa and Melissa were among the several who witnessed and sampled the cooking.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

SIAPv1.0 070910

SIAPv4.0 71007