Sunday, June 15, 2008

Testing of SIAPv7.2 on Sunday 15 June 2008

SIAPv7.2, two improved versions of metal funnel cookers were tested on Sunday 15 June 2008 at MJC in front of WydeDelta Essential.

The experiment:
In this experiment, a measuring cup of rice with water was put in each of the funnel cookers for testing and to compare the results. Today the weather is sunny and like usual with a lot of cloud. Starting at 10:45 am, everything was in place and the cooking has starting. By 12:45pm, two hours latter, the payload was inspected to see the cooking results.

The Results:
The rice in both cookers was almost cooker, but it tested a bit "powdery". According the "cooker expert", Mr CM Tan, it was a sign of under-fire. Meaning, not hot enough! I have a different opinion or rather hope that it was due to lack of water! I have faith that metal funnel cooker could cooker rice, the same way it ancestor did. Note though that its ancestor was made of HDB board instead of metal. The experiment would be repeated latter.

One on the unit was fixed with hinges so that it could be folded to facilitate transportation and storage, it is seen with a piece of PVC tube placing on top of the metal funnel. Pictures of SIPAV7.2 and it "payload", the food in the cooking pot is in the picture below respectively

The other unit is a older version SIAPV7.1, it acts as the control unit to compare and contrast results.