Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drying Ginger Slices with SIAPV9.4- 13April14

Ginger has been a widely used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Of late, Ginger is highly recommended by the "Original Point 原始点" school of Chinese Medicine, as the remedies for medical conditions. It is said that ginger soup as a drink, is as good as Ginseng (人参) soup in providing heat to the patients. Ginger promotes blood circulation and thus cure sickness. Ginger soup may be prepared by boiling fresh Ginger in plan-water. However, Ginger must be dried if it shall be kept for later use. Traditionally, Ginger is cut into slices and sun-baked to dry. Modem technique for drying Ginger include deploying electrical dehydrators. Today, this is where traditional practice meets modem technology in a green-way- drying Ginger slices using a Solar-cooker!

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