Saturday, April 5, 2008

SIAPv5.3.1 Experiment on 5 April 2008

Today, Solar Cooker SIAPv5.3.1 was tested by boiling 4 chicken eggs. Starting at 10:30 am, SIAPv5.3.1 was put in place, on top of a rack with the 4 reflectors opened into position. The eggs were placed inside the blacken pot on top of a thin tissue paper cushion, which in turn was placed inside the cooker chamber of SIAPv5.3.1. It was determined to boil the eggs without water!

The whether was bright and clear, a perfect whether for solar cooking. Though there was a couple of minute when the cloud has overcastted, it did not affect the overall cooking process. The highest temperature registered by the two thermometer, one was spirit-tube type while the other was barometric type, was consistent ie 125 deg C.

By about 1:00pm, the cooker was opened and the eggs were inspected. It was found that the 4 chicken eggs were well cooked. The eggs were opened and later consumed. Pictures were taken for record and future reference.

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