Monday, January 21, 2008


I have built another units of SIAP Solar Cooker. It is an improvement from SIAPv5.0 and therefore it is named SIAPv5.2. I tested it over the past two weekends and currently with some improvements made, SIAPv5.2 could achieve 115C.

I am going to test SIAPv5.2 further after I have made some further improvements this week. I trust that it could achieve higher temperature.

This is the unit that I will present to the potential sponsor of this project. Hopefully, it could impress him and get the necessary funds for me to proceed with further Solar activities.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Another unit of SIAP, SIAPV2.1 is called SolarBug. Further comment on solarBug can be found in :


My Solar Cookers are called SIAP (Solar In Action Professional/People/Panel). One of my Solar Cooker, SIAPV6.1 is called SolarShuttle. Further remarks on SolarShuttle can be found at:

Solar Cookers

I am impressed by how solar cookers work and that they could operate completely free from any form of energy other than the energy from the Sun! I have been working on Solar Cookers in the past year and has since built several units as POC. If you share the same interest as me, join me to explore the potential of the Sun!