Monday, January 21, 2008


I have built another units of SIAP Solar Cooker. It is an improvement from SIAPv5.0 and therefore it is named SIAPv5.2. I tested it over the past two weekends and currently with some improvements made, SIAPv5.2 could achieve 115C.

I am going to test SIAPv5.2 further after I have made some further improvements this week. I trust that it could achieve higher temperature.

This is the unit that I will present to the potential sponsor of this project. Hopefully, it could impress him and get the necessary funds for me to proceed with further Solar activities.

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Wyedelta said...

On last Saturday (26/1), I tried out the improved Solar Cooker, which is now known as SIAPv5.3.

With one and a half pack of hotdog in a blacken standless steel pot inside SIAPv5.3, the experiment started at around 11am.

The hotgods were straight from the freezer, they were therefore icy cold. By about 1:00pm, the temperature has reached a record high (of the day) of around 115C.

The hotdogs were cooked, though not baked the way I expected them to be. Further exeperiment is necessary to establish whether SIAPv5.3 is ready to be presented to the Sponsor.