Sunday, July 20, 2008

Testing of SIAPv8.2 20 July 2008

SIAPV8.2 maintains the 45 and 75deg inclination angles. The edge height however have changed and they are now both measure 300mm. This cookers is made of paper boxes and consists of 8 panels. The panels are knitted together using nylon strings and the inner of the cooker is lined with kithen aluminum foil.

During an experiment on last Sunday, the weather was not conducive and it was gloomy with much cloud overcasts. Water in the pot inside the cooker turned warm but did not boil over a period of 1 hour under the sun.

Testing of SIAPv8.1 16 July 2008

This is a dual angle: 45 and 75 deg shuttle solar cooker, with the edge height of 200mm and 300mm respectively. One of the challenges with this cooker now is to build a pot-holher which would enable the pot to stay upright when the cooker is tilted to face the sun.

Testing SIAPv7.3 on 21 June 2008